EGD | Summer 2018 | Jeff Davis
7135 N. Lamar Boulevard—also known as Yamis Frutería, Fruty Mania, and Mexican Tropical Fruit—is a locally-owned Austin business with a brand identity problem. The business has changed ownership multiple times since opening in 2014. Although therestaurant owners and store names have changed, everything else has remained the same. Old logos, typefaces, colors, and stylistic treatments create a hodgepodge within the store.
The goal for this project is to rebrand 7135 N. Lamar with a cohesive brand identity and consistent environmental graphics. By creating a unified brand, potential customers will find and locate the store more easily. The objectives included renaming the store for clarity and to develop a brand identity which harnesses the spirit of a traditional Mexican frutería while creating a clean and inviting atmosphere.
Fruteria Tropical: Research
Fruteria Tropical: Visual Guidelines
Fruteria Tropical: Environmental Graphics
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