Experimental Book | Spring 2017 | Chris Visit
The purpose of this project was to create two altered books by giving them new purpose, meaning, or shape. My books both contained religious symbols, which I reinterpreted the historical meaning of which they were designed.

Book 1: Nightmares in the Sky
Historically, gargoyles and grotesques were an exterior architectural feature of cathedrals, designed to visibly guilt and scare people into going to church.

Book 2: Stained Glass
Stained glass is an interior design feature used to lift spirits and bring joy to those within a church. While stained glass is visible from the exterior, it’s true beauty is only visible from inside the church.
Stained Glass 
Authored by: Sonia Halliday and Laura Lushington
Published: 1976

The book defines stained glass as a framework of glass, which inspired my concept. Stained glass is the only form of art that relies entirely on natural light for its effect. All other art is viewed and enjoyed by reflected light.
The rose tracery of St. Denis—home to the father of stained glass, Abbot Suger—inspired my design. The stained glass effect was achieved through burning alcohol ink.
by Stephen King and f-Stop Fitzgerald
Published 1988
Gargoyles are always watching us from above yet are rarely noticed. Historically, they were used to guilt and scare people into going to church. My concept was to bring the nightmares out of the book and put them into the sky. I wanted to explore using light to spread the darkness of the book.
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