Design Futures | Fall 2018  Alvaro Soto
It’s the year 2035. Recent technology allows individuals to receive personalized, real-time, health information and to receive suggestions specific to one’s body.
Tailor is a tooth-mounted embeddable, equipped with a digital nutrition assistant that monitors user health, interacts across devices, and makes real-time food suggestions based on what your body needs. The device monitors saliva for DNA and hormones like cortisol and testosterone, tracks caloric intake, and provides insight into stress, sleep patterns, inflammation, and immune system strength. Tailor provides the unique key to one’s dietary code so user’s can maximize body function and performance.
Group Members:
Mikaela Buck
Erin Chiu
Will Wright

Medium Article: 
An optimistic scenario about embeddable devices, biometric data, and DNA-genetic testing.

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