Problem Statement:

Users need the ability to interact with a large number of measurements.
The Solution:
Designed consistent filter and search  features to be implemented across three platform products: InstrumentStudio, TestStand, and Measurement UI editor.
Solution Demo:
 My Role:

User Research // Wireframing // Prototyping 

Created solutions, collaborated with stakeholders and SMEs on this iterative design process.
Worked with the Product Owner and UX Researcher to complete usability testing. 
Published a UX design spec for developer handoff and implementation.
Collaborated with the development team to implement UX features into product and troubleshoot any issues.

Initial Findings:
Currently the user experience for selecting measurements in Instrument Studio and TestStand is not sufficient for a number of reasons:

– It doesn't scale very far, taking up a lot of visual space

– Doesn't provide enough information to make an informed decision: 
       * Lacks preview of UI
       * Lacks deep description
       * Lacks categorization

– It isn't organized logically beyond an alphabetized flat list

– Is a different experience between programs

– Lacks any form of filter/search to narrow down options

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